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    Clan MacCool Band

    Music, merriment

    and a bit o' mayhem

  • Upcoming Events for 2024

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    Friday, July 26, 7-8 p.m.

    Smithfield Pirate Show

    Smithfield Times Courtyard Main St

    Smithfield, VA  

    Wednesday, Sept 18, 6-8 p.m.

    Halfway to St. Paddy's Day

    Cozzy's Club

    9700 Warwick Ave., Newport News, VA  

    Sunday, Oct 6, 1:30-2:15 p.m.

    An Occasion for the Arts

    Main Stage

    Williamsburg, VA  

    Saturday, Nov 9, 10- a.m. - 3 p.m.

    Yorktown Maritime Festival and Market

    Water Street Stage

    Yorktown, VA  

    Saturday, Nov 10, 10- a.m. - 3 p.m.

    Yorktown Maritime Festival and Market

    Water Street Stage

    Yorktown, VA  

    Nov 22-24, times TBA

    Beaufort Pirate Invasion

    Beaufort, NC

    Friday, Dec 13, 6-8 p.m.

    Enchanted Evening on Main Street (Holiday)

    Roving throughout venue

    Yorktown, VA  

  • We are Clan MacCool!

    Many of these photos were by STM Art, Williamsburg.  Check out Shelley's work on Facebook!
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    Scott Hyland

    "Stillwell Caught"

    Guitar, vocals, percussion

    Joined Clan MacCool in 2006.

    Scott is a retired Air Force senior noncommissioned officer who began playing music relatively late in life. Gaining an affinity for Irish music during his early genealogical pursuits, culminating in a 1999 trip to the "auld soil" in Ireland, Scott picked up a guitar for the first time in 2003 at age 47. Since being recruited by Cindy Warner to join Clan MacCool in March of 2006, Scott has performed at numerous Celtic, piratic and holiday events, large and small, mainly in Virginia's Hampton Roads region. In addition to the guitar, Scott does many lead vocals and plays percussion instruments, primarily the djembe and bodhran. Scott is also training up on the mandolin and will soon be adding that to coming gigs.

    Upon Cindy's passing, Scott became the band's leader, but in reality simply considers himself a very lucky guy blessed with the opportunity to perform with some highly talented people.

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    Jim Rice

    "Mr. Squeeze"

    Accordion, vocals

    Joined Clan MacCool in 2009.

    Jim is a retired Army officer, former public-school teacher and guidance counselor, musician and entertainer. With his accordion, "Mr. Squeeze" has performed throughout the peninsula and tidewater of Virginia. Jim has played at private events and local restaurants, micro-breweries, festivals and music organizations including the Hampton International Children's Festival, the former Colonial Italian-American Organization CIAO Festival, the College of William and Mary Russian Music Ensemble and the Richmond Masonic Lodge Sauerkrauts Bavarian band. Jim and Jack Van Horn are the duo Stroke of Luck, playing and singing American standards and patriotic music to residents of local retirement and hospice facilities. Jim is a member of the Williamsburg Area Music Teachers Association, the Williamsburg Music Club and the American Accordion Association. He is the founder of the Accordion Renaissance nonprofit charity foundation which promotes the accordion to youth. In addition to teaching, Jim collects, repairs, restores and sells accordions.

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    Bethany Brooke

    "Blackhearted Bones"

    Vocals, percussion

    Joined Clan MacCool in 2013.

    Bethany has been with Clan MacCool band since she was 22 years old. Following in her shipmates' footsteps, she's become a versatile member in the band, whether working on soundboards, singing, dancing or playing musical instruments. As a pirate, mermaid or Celtic vocalist/dancer, Bethany can also be seen performing at various venues and events in Hampton Roads. She performs alongside the Williamsburg Players and Thomas Nelson Community College Courthouse Players. Bethany participates on both on stage and backstage for various entertainment projects in the Hampton Roads area. She also portrays Serena, the mermaid princess at children's birthday parties.

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    George Opie

    "Calico George"

    Vocals, percussion

    Joined Clan MacCool in 2015.

    George Opie, our lead percussionist, retired from engineering to pursue a right brained career in the arts. He started by learning dance at the Virginia Regional Ballet and voice at EVSPA. From there it was on to community theater to develop these new skills. After attending a Clan MacCool rehearsal in 2015 the band brought him aboard.

    In addition to Clan MacCool, George can be seen in local theatre productions and performing historic dance. He apologizes for misery caused to his vocal instructors and karaoke venues while practicing his craft.

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    Steve Fannin

    "Kentucky Woodman"

    Fiddle, vocals

    Joined Clan MacCool in 2018.

    Steve Fannin, a school psychologist, was until recently more of a classical music expert and violinist. He was given 20 hours of radio time while still a teenager and ultimately spent a decade in broadcasting. He has been program chair and manager of the York River Symphony Orchestra. Being from the hills of Eastern Kentucky the lure of the fiddle was in the blood. In 2019 Steve placed third in the Elliot County Fiddler’s Convention. He plays an instrument that literally mixes the woods of Italy and Kentucky.

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    Robin Welch


    Bass, guitar, vocals

    Joined Clan MacCool in 2019.

    If you are connected to the music scene in the Hampton Roads region, you very likely know -- or at least know of -- classical guitarist, bassist and vocalist Robin Mingo Welch, one of the East Coast’s most accomplished musicians.

    A musician, music teacher and adjunct instructor at Hampton University, Robin's extensive musical studies have taken him to Switzerland and through seven other European countries. He has also lived in Linz, Austria, where he taught music and led a church choir while studying at the Bruckner Conservatory.

    Robin has also had opportunities to play before several political dignitaries, including former Gov. Doug Wilder, an ambassador from Spain and the president of Austria. Hampton Roads music fans knew him through the 1980s-2010s as a featured soloist at Virginia Beach's Jewish Mother Restaurant.

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    Audrey Gumbert

    "Mad Maudlin"

    Vocals, guitar

    Joined Clan MacCool in 2020.

    Audrey has been in choir since she was born… if you count her parents bringing her along to church choir rehearsal! Since then, music has been a big part of her life. She started with church choir, got involved with the Peninsula Children’s Chorus, learned enough piano to get by, and started up clarinet in band in middle through high school. While pursuing her Mechanical Engineering degree at Virginia Tech enroute to her current profession as an Engineering Design teacher at Hampton's Phoebus High School, she was heavily involved in the Virginia Tech Women’s Chorus and Wesley Singers. Also, Audrey has added the smooth sounds of her guitar to her repertoire!

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    Vic Rosello

    "El Capitan Roberto Cofresí"

    Percussion, guitar, vocals

    Joined in January 2023. Vic  possesses a multitude of talents. A retired US Army officer who was also the son of a professional musician and Army bandmaster, Vic has been actively involved in open mic events in Williamsburg for the past 12 years and was the leader of the local Celtic music band, Shamrock, Thistle and Gorse, where he played the bodhran, hurdy-gurdy, accordion, and was also a vocalist. His latest music passion is playing guitar at open mic events on the Peninsula. Victor is an avid amateur photographer in Colonial Williamsburg; he is also a volunteer at the Williamsburg Regional Library; and is active at St. Joan of Arc Churc as a reader/lector and choir member.

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    Nancy Gumbert

    "Cutthroat Connie"

    Vocals, percussion

    Joined in September 2023 Nancy has been involved in varied genres of music for many years. The Air Force brought her to the Hampton Roads area after growing up in Iowa. She was an Air Force nurse for seven years when she met her husband and settled in the area. An excellent alto vocalist, she has been singing since high school and college and then in her church choir. She currently teaches childbirth and infant massage classes through Healthy Families Partnership in Hampton, VA. Nancy is also the proud mother of bandmate Audrey “Mad Maudlin” Gumbert.

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    Judy Wheat


    Vocals, guitar, percussion

    With Cindy Warner, formed Clan MacCool in 2005.

    Judy teamed with Cindy Warner, and formed Clan MacCool in 2005. "The name was inspired by the tale of Finn MacCool, his wife and another giant. Plus it sounds cool," said Judy. She and Cindy Warner performed Celtic music in retirement homes and resorts when the local pirate history came to light at the Hampton Blackbeard Festival and the rest as they say is history! In addition to providing lead and backup vocals, Judy plays a variety of percussion and stringed instruments and has been known to pull out her guitar or tin whistle. Judy states she is proud to still be able to sing harmonies and perform percussion with them..."We are truly blessed," she said.

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    Mike Munday

    "Tully Jameson"

    Tin Whistle

    Joined in January 2024  

    Mike always had a love for Irish music, growing up listening to Dubliners, Irish Rovers and such at St Patrick's Day with his Mom and Dad. His love of the traditional music lead him to take up the Irish tin whistle a couple of years ago. Mike started playing in with us during recent Victorian Station sessions and the rest is history!

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    Honorary Clan member Soulevir started Irish dance as a very young child and has done belly dancing since age 16 (and professionally since age 19). Soulevir is one of four founding members of the "F Troupe" belly dance group from Fort Monroe.

  • Photos & Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Our latest demo -- August 2019

    Soon to be updated with our current crew!

    Clan MacCool at Williamsburg's (virtual) An Occasion for the Arts event, October 2020

    Look for us at the 2:51:41 mark!

    Clan MacCool at Hampton's Blackbeard Fest, June 3-5, 2022

    "Calico" George Opie leads "Calico Jack" at Hampton's Blackbeard Fest, June 4, 2022

    Audrey "Mad Maudlin" Gumbert leads "Loreley" at Hampton's Blackbeard Fest, June 4, 2022

    Bethany "Blackhearted Bones" Brooke leads "Sugar in the Hold" at Hampton's Blackbeard Fest, June 4, 2022

    Judy"Jocelyn" Wheat leads "Billy Bones" at Hampton's Blackbeard Fest, June 4, 2022

    Carlos "Corsario Loco" Lora leads "A la Una" at Hampton's Blackbeard Fest, June 4, 2022

    Steve "Kentucky Woodman" Fannin leads "Rona Morgana" at Hampton's Blackbeard Fest, June 4, 2022
    ("RonaMorgana" composed by Ronan Martin, Isle of Skye, © 1999 Taigh na Teud Music Publishers)

    Scott "Stilwell Caught" Hyland leads "Old Maui" at Hampton's Blackbeard Fest, June 4, 2022

  • A little about us...

    Clan MacCool is a highly interactive band that specializes in Irish/Scottish traditional music, occasional piracy and constant fun! We offer an array of Celtic traditional (and not so traditional) songs, tunes and reels, and during Pirate season, we'll don our best piratic finery and treat adults and kids alike to a rollicking good time with sea chanties, sword demos and other interactive fun! Pulling from old Celtic music, sea chanties and our own music over the course of nearly two decades, Clan MacCool continues to entertain, educate and enthrall! Whether Celtic or Maritime music is your fancy, look to Clan MacCool for music, merriment and a bit of mayhem!


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